Sunday, January 24, 2010

Being induced

1:30 Update - So today I am suppose to be getting induced. I call my Dr at 2:10 to find out what time he wants us to meet him in his office. He is going to strip my membranes and then send me up to Provo hospital to have my water broken! That's all we know for now. I'll update as it goes.

5:40 Update- Met at Dewey's office at 4ish and was dilated to a 5. Got to UVRMC at 5ish and bag of water is bulging. Just waiting on Dewey to come break my water. Having contractions, not painful but a lot of pressure.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Full Term!

I had my 37 week appointment today! I am so excited to be full term. I am 3cm & 80% effaced, no idea what station baby is in, but he said I'm favorable to induction. Because Cash is so big I have until the 25th for him to come on his own. I'm still considering if I want to go that route or not, thinking long and hard about it & told him that I would let him know for sure at my next appointment how I felt about it. I want to see how much more I progress by next week & go from there, I guess. But he did tell me that I'm ready to go any day now, so if I even make it to the 25th will surprise him!!! I had my GBS swab done but wasn't told the results yet, they have to send it over the hospital & I can call tomorrow & find out. But that's about all! It was a great appointment. He sat and talked with us and wanted to know how we both (Ted & I) were feeling & if we were happy and whatnot.

Here's my 37 week belly!!

And the blanket I made yesterday for him!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

30 Day Count Down!

We have only 30 days to go!

Ted got the baby clothes out of storage, it was fun going threw them! It made us more excited. It's weird to think we only have 30 days or less! It seems so soon, but then again not soon enough. I can't wait to hold my boy! I wonder when he'll be here!

Owen starts his new preschool tomorrow! I'm very excited for him because he's just down the street and I hope he'll meet some little friends who live around us. It's a lot more kids, 16, but I think that's better because he'll start kindergarten next year and will have a bigger class. I'm also going over to the American Leadership Academy tomorrow to put him on the waiting list for all day kindergarten! I hope he gets in. I think he will LOVE it.

Monday, December 28, 2009

It's been awhile

So Christmas is FINALLY over, don't get me wrong, I love Christmas, just not the chaos of it all. I'm happy that it's done. Now we can look forward to the baby! I'm 35 weeks now and have 36 days or LESS until he arrives. I can't believe how fast it's gone by!

Our Christmas turned out better than I thought, we got way to much stuff that I really wasn't expecting, and I'm very thankful for my loving family for always being so thoughtful. Owen loves his presents and I think this is the best Christmas the Crenshaw family has had!

We have no plans for New Year's. Probably visit some friends, maybe just have a little get together at our house, I'm not sure yet! I just can't wait for it to be 2010 so that my little monster can get it! Although we have so much to do before he gets here. I need to clean, clean, clean and get the baby stuff out of storage. How horrible of us not to have done that yet. Oh well, we'll get to it. Let's just hope it's before he gets here.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

On thing after another!

I'm 29 weeks today, I cannot believe how fast time is flying. I was in the hospital yesterday for a bad kidney infection that had started contractions. I'm doing okay now, just need to rest and take antibiotics. My mom took Owen for a couple of days so that I could do that and Ted could still work. I'm lonely in this big house by myself, I'll admit it's nice.. but you never realize how much your kids add to they day when they're gone all day. LOL

Cash is doing great, his HR was fine, although it did get up into the 180s when I had a fever, but he's a settled down quickly. He's moving enough and seems like all is well with him. I can't wait to hold him though and kiss his little now (in about 11 weeks.. not now :P )

Owen is super excited to be a big brother, he keeps asking when baby Cash will be here. I know he'll do amazing with him! Next week he goes to the Dr to get his vaccines for kindergarten registration. I still can't believe that next fall my little guy will be in kindergarten! I am so proud of him! He's so big and smart and a very good kid. I couldn't be any luckier. This morning before my mom picked him up he wanted to help me as much as he could. He got me water, a blanket and kept rubbing my feet! lol. He's such a sweet kid.

Thanksgiving it coming up and I am sooo excited because we get to go to Saint George and stay and have Thanksgiving with Ted's family! It will be nice and warm and a break! I can't wait!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I never know what to update on this thing, it's not like I have much going on. I have a month left of the semester and then it's Christmas break, I'll be 30 weeks pregnant and so wishing it was February 2nd! Here's my recent belly picture, since I don't take a lot of them, 27 weeks.

Don't mind that you can see my butt, I'm in a thong :p ! I think I look like a whale, but apparently to everyone else I look "cute". Uh huh. I don't feel cute. My legs started cramping recently, which I never had with Owen, and my back is KILLING me. I keep telling myself, 13 more weeks.... which seems not that long but I'm sure it will be a lifetime. I do feel great other than that and Cash is getting stronger everyday. I'm currently sick, bad cold, and he tends to move A LOT when I'm not feeling so great. Which kind of adds to the annoyance of a cold. Owen told my yesterday that he's going to be my babysitter and pat the baby's back to burp him when he's done eating. I'm sure he will be the best little helper. Which makes me happy and also worries me, lol. Hmm, let's see... Thanksgiving is coming. I'm overly excited for that this year because the food sounds amazing, and we're going to my SIL's home in St. George. It will be nice to take off for a few days and relax. Go swimming! I'm hoping I have some money to do some shopping on Black Friday. I've never been, well, once, last year we were driving to Colorado/Nebraska and we stopped at the Walmart in Park City. It was packed. So let's see if I'm up for that this year.

Okay, I have NOTHING else to add.

Friday, October 23, 2009


So it's seriously about time that I update. Alisa has only nagged me once to do it (lol, love you Alisa). Um, let's see..... I'm 25 weeks, I'll be 26 weeks on Tuesday. I have another u/s on the 4th of November. I found out my SIL, who has been TTC for 15 years is having a boy too! We're excited. They have NO idea on names, so help would be appreciated. Cash is doing great, this time I'm having braxton hicks, which I didn't have with Owen. I'm getting really uncomfortable and it isn't fun... totally looking forward to it getting worse. I've been working on a name for my design company and I'm thinking "Crenshaw Candy" (graphic design company). I have the logo figured out in my head.

We took Owen to the pumpkin patch on Wednesday and he picked out 2 small pumpkins, one for him and one for his baby brother, lol. He just HAD to get one for Cash. I got some pictures but not many because Owen doesn't really like getting his pictures taken so much anymore. I did enter him into the GAP casting call, so once he's on the board I'll update with the link, so everyone make sure you vote for him DAILY! Winner gets a GAP photo shoot and a trip to Disneyland.

So far I've bought 3 outfits for Cash. He needs more wintery stuff for the first month, but I still have a lot of Owen's old stuff for him to use after that. I think my mom and aunt are doing a baby shower for me sometime in Jan. It's been 5 years, I think I deserve one.

Ted finally got a job, doing tile. He loves doing tile, so it's great. Hopefully it lasts!!

Okay, I'll update more another time :)